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Form Meets Function

The halopad is the perfect blend of an unassuming organic design and flawless function, offering amazing stability and flexible usage for most tablet computers in all situations. halopad offers 5 distinct viewing angles of 18 and 45 degrees in portrait and landscape mode. These angles are easy on the wrists when typing, ideal for watching movies and prolonged reading.

The angles can be changed in an instant with just one hand. halopad really is child’s play, so even children can easily use it without mom or dad worrying. position your Apple iPad, iPad 2 or iPad 3rd generation at a comfortable viewing angle with the innovative halopad stand that features a hard soft composite construction for a secure grip and off-set holding slots for multiple positioning options.

Smart Covers are rather handy, if a bit precarious when propping up our iPads, the more vertical orientation isn’t all too stable, especially on uneven or flat surfaces. Halopad brings rock solid tablet support to the table, literally and figuratively, while remaining robust and inexpensive all the while.

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